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ConeX for manufacturers

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and build a trusted manufacturing supply chain?

- Every manufacturing process is different

- And every company has differing capabilities

- It's hard to find reliable suppliers local to you

Use ConeX and it's online portal to stand out from the competition, support local manufacturers, and help you improve your project processes

We strongly believe you should be able to find the right people to work with quickly and easily

Sign up to ConeX today, find companies local to you, and watch your business thrive.

Features and benefits

ConeX is becoming THE place to go in the UK for anything design and manufacture related

Use ConeX to generate strong leads and help boost the UK manufacturing sector

Use our hotspot map to browse and connect to our suppliers

Find local companies, improve your supply chain and be part of our engineering and design community

Boost your capabilities and allow us to spread the word about your company

Receive tailored support and let us help optimise your experience and deliver your projects on time and on budget
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Join our supplier early adopter scheme today! £60.00 one off fee to gain access to all our services until at least September 2021. We want to add value to YOU, as a ConeX user, so these are our potential price points as we develop our platform.

3 price points based on company size


Stop worrying about your supply chain, boost your company profile and have the confidence that you will deliver your projects on time and on budget


Sponsor us!

Join our sponsorship program to have an opportunity to showcase your business in an alternative way. Banner space available across the portal and at our events. Increase your companies visibility and brand awareness as we promote your business in the right locations with the right audiences. Limited availability. Get in touch to find out more.